The Premises



Cypher’s state-of-the-art coffee roasting and warehousing facility.

The premise offers a humidity and temperature controlled storage environment.

4,000 sqft allowing for the handling of over 30 tons of coffee.

An internal coffee lab and dedicated cupping area that follows industry's best practices 
and utilises high quality/tech analysis tools.

The premise is equipped with a staging room, where it's furnished with a thermostatically
controlled space that stores green coffee ready to be roasted within the next week.

The facility is fully insulated and purpose built with a low-emission HVAC system.

The roasting process is supported with software tools
that minimize the risk of inconsistency.

The roasting/automatic scaling, filling, bagging and sealing/brewing equipments
are made by reputable organisation who have been in the industry
for decades such as Probat, La Marzocco, etc.