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Cascara, basically the dried husk of the coffee fruit. "Cascara”, which is Spanish for “husk” or “shell”. The use of the word “cascara” emerged from the world of specialty coffee.

Although different drying methods can be applied to the coffee cherry to produce cascara, like other dried fruits, there is no way of distinguishing the drying process of the fruit or the separation of the fruit from the seed in the name itself. Cascara is cascara whether it comes from the natural or dry, washed or pulped, or the honey process, or if it is sun-dried or machine dried. Although each method can result in a very different product with different characteristics and qualities, these methods will fall into the hands of smart marketers and brand owners seeking to differentiate their products.

Now that your pallet is more developed, you are now able to enjoy coffees that are more sophisticated and complex in nature as they let your senses enjoy a deeper note. The brewer now has the ability to subdivide the flavour notes such as Fruity-citrus, Fruity-berry or Spicy-pepper and so on. Coffisticated coffees would provide such identifiable varieties of notes that a brewer with such potential would enjoy the exploration and sophistication that accompany the coffisticated.

Another detail that matters is that USDA organic, UTZ, rainforest alliance coffees would fall under this category from Cypher.

Are you into coffee for the caffeine or for the art? Don’t just drink coffee, have a coffee… A good one!

The coffees in this spectrum are the new wave specialty coffees that will change the way you make, drink and think coffee as you embrace the ABC’s of coffee; Aromatic, Balanced and Clean seasonal crop that is freshly roasted.

An untrained coffee lover might shy away from specialty coffee once first introduced to it as their pallets are jaded by the cheap, flat, ashy and flavorless coffee. HeadStart is the perfect doorway into the specialty coffee and third wave culture. HeadStart shall decypher the pallet codes to unlock the potential of recognizing and enjoying simple, yet true, coffee flavors such as fruitiness, floral, sweet, spicy, nutty cocoa.

Nabtih supports fair trade practices that preserve the rights of the farmers and conserves the environment to develop healthy lives and communities for the generations to come.

With great abilities come great responsibilities. The seasoned Nobility brewer is now in the possession of the ability to further subcategorize the very complex coffee notes (like Fruity-dried fruit-raisin). Such complexity is found in award-winning coffees, limited, special edition, rare and exclusive lots that are only offered by Cypher Coffee through the Nobility line.

Cypher brings to you and your loved ones a Ramadan gift filled with unique taste experiences.


Snackwell products are developed using 100% natural fruit harvested from the same producers we source our coffee from.  All Snackwell products are free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and added sugar” It’s a healthy meal replacement option and the perfect snack for anyone on the go