Arabian Business: 24 Karat Coffee

Arabian Business: 24 Karat Coffee

What Cypher offers in Dubai, where gourmets come, and young people from Europe and Asia learn the secrets of producing coffee with Swiss precision. It is said that access to a professorship or a doctorate requires the provision of scientific knowledge beyond what is known and recorded, and with this criterion it can be said that the founder of Cypher enjoys this quality, which includes extensive knowledge of all the subtleties of coffee from its cultivation to its sip.

24 karat coffee

In one of the Al Quoz streets in Dubai, among many back alleys, many people flocked to this small sub-street, and it became clear to me that their destination was the same as the place I was going to meet with a journalist with the young Mohamad Merhi who enjoys expert knowledge of everything related to coffee and its secrets.

Not all of these customers were customers. For example, there was a young man coming from a European country who came for training in evaluating the quality of coffee beans and the stages of production at the highest levels of quality. The company offers CQI-accredited training with comprehensive training for all phases of coffee quality cycles, and educational materials covering all certifications such as the Q Arabica Grader to the coffee production cycles for consumption.

24 karat coffee

When I spoke about information from a recent book and read a few paragraphs of it, it became clear to me that Muhammad had read the entire book before me and as soon as it was published.

24 karat coffee

In addition to a large array of certificates of experience, study and training in coffee production that we talked about, near panels displaying all aspects of coffee production and flavors. Despite all my passion for coffee and my experiences in tasting it, it became clear to me that what I know is not worth much compared to what Muhammad excels at.

And in the warehouse where the coffee is stored, you can see great care for storing coffee in an atmosphere where the temperature and humidity are controlled, and when he asked me to inhale the smell of one of the green coffee bags, the smell was amazing and did not die to the smell of green coffee that I know, the special preservation method preserves the smell of coffee Distinguished with great care.

At the end of my tour, I accompanied Muhammad to see the progress of work in a nearby building that will serve as an academy for training in coffee production and assessing its quality before supplying it and all aspects of coffee production and processing.

It is from this atmosphere that the Cypher roaster offers the finest organic coffee to the consumer and the companies from the retailers, and the taste was enough to make me doubt that I have been drinking coffee all my life, as this has nothing to do with the commercial coffee we are familiar with.

After looking at the stages of blending coffee and exploring the various elements of each process, the difference is evident for coffee connoisseurs and anyone interested in knowing what they drink each morning.

The founder of Cypher confirms his company's commitment to the import of coffee beans with fair trade practices, as most quantities are purchased from reliable suppliers, agricultural associations and, in some cases, directly from farmers. Cypher Roastery offers a wide range of sustainable coffees of trusted origin and certified by international organizations such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and the US Department of Agriculture.

The company recently launched a new sustainability initiative entitled Nabtih, as a commitment to provide the best products and follow the highest ethical sustainable practices in its work. The initiative revolves around making positive changes in the various stages of the product's supply chain, from the process of planting and harvesting, through sorting and canning, to the methods of providing them to the consumer, and even recycling waste.

The roastery adopts many practices and initiatives that demonstrate its commitment to the issues and principles of sustainability, in an effort to motivate and encourage its customers to adopt actions and practices that contribute to making a positive change in society.

” “Shifra Roastery is committed to sustainable business practices that preserve natural resources. The Nabta Initiative is keen to support fair trade societies that preserve farmers’ rights and preserve the environment, with the aim of providing a decent and healthy life for future generations.”

Through this initiative, Cypher Roastery aims to motivate and raise awareness of recycling, and encourage customers to grow food themselves for their own consumption. Cypher sets an example in terms of promoting smart consumption and sustainable use of natural resources, as it offers beneficial solutions such as reusing the burlap bags used to transport coffee beans by transforming them into pots for growing herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano, mint and others. Cypher Roastery also owns a brand for olive oil bearing the same name as the initiative "Nabtih", which it imports from Palestine. As with coffee and other products, the olive oil code is imported directly from the farm, to ensure that the olives are picked manually and the oil is extracted from them exclusively by pressing.

Mohamed Merhi added: “Experiments have shown that people’s level of awareness of the value and importance of food increases when they grow their own plants at home for personal consumption. Although their yield from home cultivation may be very small compared to their consumption, the amount of time and effort people dedicate ( and children in particular) for farming and the amount of water needed to grow these plants helps them better understand the time, effort and resources devoted to producing the food they buy and eat, and increase their sense of responsibility and awareness of food waste.”

It is noteworthy that Cypher launched her all-natural fruit snacks brand under the name Snackwell, in order to support coffee growers; It imports from them the fruits they grow in their fields other than coffee and use them in the products of the Snackwell brand, in order to help the coffee farmers in the coffee seasons and beyond, and provide them with various sources of income throughout the year to support their families.


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