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Espresso Bundle - 2

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The Espresso Bundle caters to the preferences of individuals who relish the concentrated and potent taste of espresso. It comprises of selectively sourced specialty coffees that make for an impeccable shot of espresso, be it for personal indulgence or as a foundation for your preferred coffee beverages.

This bundle includes 250g bags of:

  • CAUCA - COLOMBIA: A juicy and round body, with a supportive flavor notes of chocolate fudge, dried apricot, caramel, long finish.
  • KIEF - BURUNDI:  Flavor notes of toffee, marmalade, and cacao nibs. Juicy and silky body with a sugarcane sweetness finish.
  • VIANNE - CONGO: Syrupy mouthfeel, long lingering finish, flavor notes of baked plum, cinnamon roll, caramel.