The SnackWell Story



If you know us through our coffee brand then you probably know that we only source coffee from farmers that we believe share our same community ethics.


Did you know that coffee is only harvested once a year in some of the beloved origins and these farmers usually resort to planting other corps to generate other sources of revenue in order sustain their families and livelihood? Through our coffee sourcing quests, we have met various coffee producers and farmers where we’ve learnt all about their struggles and have made it our mission to support them.


With the wellbeing of coffee-producing communities in mind, Snackwell products were developed and are sourced from those coffee producers who harvest fruits alongside their renowned coffee beans.


We seek to make the world a better place by setting higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance along the entire supply chain. Coffee beans or not, our beliefs remain the same: happy farmers translates to great products and and as a result, we have our satisfied consumers. Therefore, we strongly believe products should be sourced ethically and will continue to ensure our brands represent that.




Once you buy a Snackwell product, you know that you are getting one that is harvested with love with an appreciation for coffee, while supporting fair trade and the community of coffee producers all around the world.


Snackwell is 100% natural fruit-based. That means it's ZERO added sugar, ZERO preservatives, ZERO artificial colouring, and ZERO guilt!