Our Story

Founded in Dubai in 2016, Cypher Urban Roastery sources, supplies and roasts specialty premium coffee to service the growing needs and taste requirements of regional wholesale consumers and specialty coffee drinkers. The company is deeply committed to the promotion of fair trade practices across the bean life-cycle with an emphasis on quality, transparency, consistency and social responsibility.

At Cypher, we believe in engaging everyone in the coffee community from farmers to brewers, and nurturing strong relationships across the coffee supply chain by providing support and education to businesses and likeminded people. We do our best to equip and empower our partners in the coffee community so that they in turn can contribute to the value chain.

Being based in the Middle East, where historic links between Arab mystics and true coffee was once prevalent, and where coffee is served in many different ways, on all occasions and throughout the day, it has become our mission to revive our region's long tradition with coffee and share it with the rest of the world. It's time to rekindle the relationship between Arabia and Coffee, by bringing back old school recipes, brewing methods and drinking customs.