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Roasting Course

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Course Description:

The Cypher Coffee Roasting Course is designed for aspiring coffee roasters who seek to
master the art and science of roasting high-quality specialty coffee beans. Through a
comprehensive curriculum covering roasting theory, practical exercises, and hands-on
roasting sessions, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to roast coffee to perfection, unlock unique flavor profiles, and maintain quality consistency. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast looking to start a career in specialty coffee or a seasoned roaster seeking to refine your techniques, this course offers valuable insights and practical experience to elevate your roasting expertise.

- Introduction to Specialty Coffee Roasting
- Coffee Chemistry and Roasting Fundamentals
- Roasting Equipment and Technology
- Green Coffee Evaluation and Preparation
- Roast Profiling and Development
- Sensory Evaluation of Roasted Coffee
- Roast Defects and Troubleshooting
- Quality Control and Assurance
- Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

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