The Silsal Coffee Guide

The Silsal Coffee Guide

Whether you prefer a latte, americano or cortado, there’s a type of coffee for everyone. But the world of coffee is changing every day, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Today, we’re exploring the most popular caffeine-fixes out there, and spilling he beans on the best type of beans for each brew, with recommendations from Cypher Urban Roastery’s founder, Mohamad Merhi.


Hailing from Italy, espressos are made by combining high-pressure steam and grounded coffee beans. The final product is a thick, high-caffeine coffee, which can be served solo, or used as the foundation for lattes and macchiatos.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Il-Finomeno from Brazil (Flavors: Roasted almond and creamy chocolate fudge notes, accented by bitter-sweet finish)


The most popular coffee out there, lattes are made using a shot of espresso and steamed milk, and about a centimetre of foam.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Bonanza from Honduras (Flavors: Full-bodied caramelized chocolate, with a sweet, nutty aftertaste)


A double shot of espresso, the doppio is perfect for those early mornings.


Arguably the second-most popular coffee around, cappuccinos are very similar to lattes, but are made with more foam than steamed milk. Often, they’re topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Rise from Guatemala (Flavors: Round bodied best-seller, with hints of toasted almond, chocolate and toffee, with piquant acidy)



This espresso-based drink features a double shot of espresso, with a dollop of steamed milk. Super simple, Macchiatos were designed to showcase the rich flavours of the espresso.

Café au Lait

Perfect for minimalists and purists alike, café au lait combines drip coffee with a splash of warm milk.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Chanzo from Uganda (Flavors: A rich, creamy body complemented by notes of juicy berry, and mango, with a sweet, smooth finish.)


Rich, full-bodied and unique, Turkish coffee is prepared using finely ground coffee beans without filtering, and brewed in a coffee pot, atop a stove.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Khial (Flavors: Vanilla base with spicy, rich fruitcake notes, a syrupy body and sweet molasses finish)


The perfect marriage of caffeine-packed espresso and warm, steamed milk. Cortado’s are creamy enough to counter the espresso’s acidity.


A ristretto, Italian for short, is a concentrated espresso shot, made with half the amount of water. It’s known for its sweet flavour, compared to the traditionally bitter espresso.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Gosa from Ethiopia (Flavors: Smooth, silky body with floral aromas, notes of hibiscus tea, strawberry, apricot and dark plum, with a honey-like finish)


Simple and classic, black coffee (also known as café noir) combines water and coffee without any milk. It should be served plain, without any added flavors like as honey or cream.

Flat White

This Aussie brew is basically a cappuccino, sans the foam or chocolate sprinkle. Think of it as an espresso with steamed milk.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Tamara from Colombia (Flavors: A medium-high body, balanced with hints of caramel, dried fruit and chocolatey finish)


One for the chocolate lovers, a mocha is a chocolate-flavored espresso, with steamed milk and foam.

Cypher Urban Roastery Recommends:

Flavia from Brazil (Flavors: Creamy body accented with cacao nibs, floral notes, stone fruit, and black tea, with a long, smooth aftertaste)


Americanos consist of an espresso shot diluted in hot water, transforming a small shot into a large cup of joe.

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