Cypher: A Sustainable Haven For Coffee Enthusiasts in Dubai

Cypher: A Sustainable Haven For Coffee Enthusiasts in Dubai

Operating through their state of the art roastery located in Al Quoz, Cypher is on a mission to change the way people consume coffee. This mission starts with sourcing the highest standard of organic coffee beans, providing exceptional service to retailers, and ensuring that people in the Middle East and beyond can enjoy some of the best coffee that the world has to offer. After all, coffee is a daily part of the lives of millions of people.

Cypher began with a real life story born from a real need. It is a story of nostalgia, of searching for quality of life, and of a journey to reproduce an ancient and beautiful coffee experience in the Middle East. By roasting beans in the UAE and introducing a no-compromise approach to exceptional products, processes and services, Cypher is disrupting the restrictive structures in the industry and opens its doors to educate both retailers and consumers on good quality coffee, and in this way improve their daily lives.

Coffee lovers and enthusiasts can visit the roastery to witness the process of coffee blends being prepared from start to finish first hand and gain an insight into the various elements at every stage.

Cypher’s coffee beans are sourced through fair trade practices as most of their coffees are procured from trusted ethical suppliers, farmer co-ops, and in some cases directly from the farmers, offering up a wide variety of sustainable coffee that is traceable and certified by internationally recognized organization such as rainforest alliance, UTZ certified, and USDA organic.

“We endeavor to nurture other likeminded people and businesses and give back to the community and world around us every single day,” commented Mohamad Merhi, co-founder of Cypher.

Cypher reinforces its commitment to do better and be better through their initiative Nabtih, a name derived from the word plant in Arabic. Adopting practices that embrace changes around the supply chain throughout all stages of a product’s life cycle, including planting, harvesting, handling, packaging, serving, and the repurposing of byproducts. Endeavoring to inspire their customers, Cypher encourages positive action in communities by demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

Mohammad Merhi also added, “Cypher is firmly committed to sustainable business practices that preserve natural resources. This initiative aims to support fair trade and agricultural communities that preserve the rights of farmers and conserve the environment to provide fair and healthy lives for the generations to come.”

Through this initiative, Cypher aims to inspire people and raise awareness around recycling and encouraging their customers to plant their own food. Leading by example, Cypher promotes smarter consumption and sustainable utilization of their planet’s resources including the development of resourceful hacks such as repurposing jute bags used to transport coffee beans into pots for edible herbal plants such as Basel, Rosemary, Oregano, and Mint. In addition, Cypher stocks products such as an olive oil from Palestine that holds the same name of the initiative “Nabtih”. Like their coffee and other products, Cypher only source the oil from the farm directly. The olives are handpicked, and the olive oil is extracted by pressing.

Earlier this year, Cypher also launched their new 100% natural fruit-based snacks called Snackwell. With the wellbeing of coffee-producing communities in mind, Snackwell products were developed and are sourced from those coffee producers who harvest fruits alongside their renowned coffee beans to generate other sources of revenue in order to sustain their families and livelihood. 

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