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Dhs. 65.00


Dhs. 65.00

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This Coffee is is grown in the District of Lintongnihuta, to the southwest of Lake Toba and is also known as Lintong Coffee.  It's production area is a high plateau, known for it's diversity of tree fern species.  Lintong coffees are from Sumatra, an Island that is part of Indonesia.  These coffees are farmed by the Batak People that are the indigenous tribe that produce all the coffee in this area.  Tano Batak simply means "Land of Batak".  Before they became subjects of the colonial Dutch East Indies government, the Batak had a reputation for being fierce warriors. In the religious world of the Toba and Karo Batak the gods and the creation of mankind are far less significant than the complex concepts connected with the tendi (Karo) or tondi (Toba) and the begu. Probably the most useful translations of these terms are "life-soul" and "death-soul". A person receives his "life-soul" (tendi) before he is born. The destiny of the individual tendi is decided by the tendi itself before birth.

CypherED Profile

Chicory root and molasses sweetness, full body and a long-lasting earthy chocolate finish


Origin: Indonesia 

Region: North Sumatra

Subregion: Lintong

Altitude: 1,200m-1,500m

Varietal: Catimor

Process: Wet hulled