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Technical Course For Olive Oil Tasters (Dubai, UAE)

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PLEASE NOTE: The course will be held in February 2023. Exact date is yet to be finalized.

Have a good nose and be a foodie are not sufficient features to become a professional taster of olive oil. A real expert of the “liquid gold” stands out from a simply connoisseur according to his own training: from more than 35 years ONAOO has been handling training and education of aspiring professional tasters.

Sensory analysis of olive oil in carried out alongside the chemical analysis; sensory analysis is decisive for olive oil classification.

Panel is a group of selected tasters brought up to objectively evaluate the sensory characteristics of olive oil; panel is increasingly requested in food industry. Among all the food products, olive oil is the only one for which sensory analysis has a legal value.

The first step to becoming a taster is to register to a Technical Course for aspiring olive oil tasters.

Courses are open to everyone, even if there is no experience at all in olive oil field.

The program of the Technical Course includes selective trials necessary to obtain the Physiological Suitability for Tasting, one of the requirements for the inclusion in the National List of Technicians and Experts held by MI.P.A.A.F. (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry).

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